Exquisite tips for Thai lottery results 2-5-2014 draw

Wondering why the Thai lottery results 2-5-2014 are not announced yet?

Normally Thai lottery draw and results are announced at around 4 pm in Thailand and then it spreads on the internet. May and December are different in the sense that Thai lottery results are announced on May 2nd and not on May 1st. Usually the Thai lottery results are out on 1st and 16th of every month. December is unique because the draw happens on 1st Dec then 16th Dec and 31st December.  A lot of people do not know a lot about what they write or the tips they give because they haven’t ever played the Thai lottery.

What is the tip for sure number that everyone is looking for?

Asking the right question is very important the right question should be what numbers will not show up in the Thai lottery results on 2nd May 2014? The most circulated numbers based on dodgy predictions will not show up. I strongly believe 866 will not show up along with 344, 355 and 013.

The reliable tips can be found in here, in here and in here.

Good luck to all those who are trying their luck and believe in their numbers. One way to win is to completely have faith in your numbers and their ability to unlock your aspirations. Please visit tomorroe to check on your luck and how well you did on the 2nd may 2014 and if anything really changes. So long.

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