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Exclusive VIP Thai lottery 16-11-2016 final paper

The final updated papers for Thai lottery 16-11-2016 are here. Please go through them carefully, Several new game papers and tips are presented here in the run up to the next draw tomorrow. The results will be posted on 9lotter facebook page as soon as they’re available real-time and live. The important message as of now is that the next set of VIP 4pc sets are as follows. Three digits to watch for would be 3, 9, 6 and next in order will be 1, 8, 9. Keep this in mind before you go after the selection of favorite digits. The new list of 3up HTF is available as well in this important chart. Thai lottery 16/November/2016 is not as easily understood, so we shall give a lot of pics and documents trending on the social media.


What are the best places to find Thai lottery tips 16.11.2016

The best places to find tips and see the discussions are the numerous pages on Facebook, twitter, pinterest and g+.
It’s necessary to separate the noise from the substance. Thai lotto forums are mostly irrelevant conversation run by a single poster with many usernames and IP addresses. It’s this kind of stuff that you need to avoid. The Other type is the pictures with no Thailand lottery text, these are interesting and get a lot of views as they rank well on google. Most of these are from Pakistani blogs. Most of them are scanned pictures from everywhere, not excluding Thai lotto magazines. One reason you must check all types of online Thailottery tips is to not miss out on any inspiring numbers that will end up on the winning Thai lottery results 16-11-2016. In Thailand, the dates are written differently to the English dates. They use 2559=2016 as the year.

3#digit masalsa tips up and down charts in the formula

Hot Magazine special tips combined with exquisite Thai lotto 123 formula backed up by the tips online.
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These are the top ones to show up on search engines. Other highly recommended terms you can use to get more on hints are below.


Exclusive Thai lottery 3up papers Game formula for January 2017

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