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Thai lottery results 16 August 2018 Sure match 3up VIP

Thai lottery results 16 August 2018 VIP Sure Match 3up game papers

How many numbers does one need to get the winning 4pc sets? Here are a few ways you can try. Thai lottery results 16 August 2018 has a different logic to it. Towards the end of the current Year Thailand lottery results 16th Aug 2018 3up papers have 8, 2 and 7 in leading positions. It is a significant change in the trends. The single digit as well as VIP pairs also known as down pairs have a continuing trend to follow.

Thai lottery First paper sure match 16-8-2018

Thai lottery First paper sure match 16-8-2018

What sets these numbers apart is the formula used. Deriving subsequently matching numbers needs a certain approach. We have taken into account the digits that are absent. 2 and 3 may not have much value for Thailand lottery results 16/8/2018. The cut digits from previous highly likely numbers minus the actual winning numbers. Since 2013 9lotter has consistently give tips and many have found fruition.

Thai lottery 3up 16-8-2018

Thai lottery 3up 16-8-2018

If winning Thai lottery results 16th of August 2018 is the objective, then practice predictive games. The first key to success is always keen observation. Especially This year’s results. You can google them out. If you see the 3up winning digits twice a month in every draw through 2018, you’ll realize just how repetitive are these results. Many months had new sets winning. You’ll never see the same numbers doing the rounds. Therefore, strategize by eliminating all the previous winning numbers on the monthly Thailand lottery official charts. They’ll all not repeat that makes it 8 times two which is 16 sets. The remaining numbers between 1 and 999 are what you need to choose from.

How to choose the best numbers for Thai lottery results 16 August 2018?

First pull up a Thai newspaper and go through all the vehicle accidents in August. Note the dates, use them as your raw data set. Then pull up all the license plate numbers for those vehicles. Put them all together and then use cut digit formula. You’ll see a tremendous boost to your confidence. Thailand lottery Aug 16, 2561 can give a lot of wealth to the deserving. one must choose to accept reality and then they will prosper. on the 16th at 4:30 Thai time or 1:30 Saudi time there will be new kids on the block that have some cash.

Thai lottery results 16 AUGUST 2018 buak formula

Thai lottery results 16-8-2018 buak formula

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