Thai lottery 17-1-2017 Blue pyramid tip first paper

17th Jan 2017 blue tip

Blue tip for Thai lottery 17-1-2017

The Blue triangular tips for Thai lottery 17-1-2017 is back with renewed focus on the best digits in this season.
The initial “kada” which means paper in the Thai language, is a clue chart. 1 is the highlighted single digit for the upcoming draw on 17th January 2560. It feels like a race for the top between 99 or 999 digits. a few of them will 100% sure get it.

17th Jan 2017 blue tip
17th Jan 2017 blue tip

Interesting pairs for 17 1 2017

The pairs are a special prize category in Thai lottery awards. They are the 2 digits. the award in the official game is small at 1000 THB however, in Kuwait city, Dubai, Riyadh, Muscat, Doha and other middle eastern places, the award is different as it is a different game altogether. What qualifies these numbers is the close proximity to chance. The numbers, in my opinion, are going to win in the next draw match. We guessed it right several times, once it was 20 in the pairs.

New players of Thai lottery in 2017 may have got confused over the draw dates. Usually, there are 2 draws in a month, the first and then on the 16th. January is an exception. There is only one draw this month on the first. The second question may have been about the date itself. It isn’t the 16 January 2017. These facts must be made clear.

A sesame pair is the luckiest of coupled numbers in any lottery open chart. Some terms here, an Open chart is a list of lottery numbers that have not yet faced the draw. Once the winning numbers are drawn then its called a closed chart. The first game paper for Thai lottery 17.1.2017 is always open.

Open thai lottery 17-1-2017 sesame pairs
Open thai lottery 17-1-2017 sesame pairs

Thai.lottery.results @ 17/1/2017. Net Net it’s going to be ruled over by the lower half of the range between 1-9. the digits between 1-5 may be frequent in the results than the other. That is the conclusion on this month’s first Game tass. It is not a 50-50, it’s 80-20 for sure.

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