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Thai lottery 16 March 2019 blue tips 3up

16 March 2019 Thai lottery blue tips

The formula we use to deduce number for Thai lottery 16 March 2019 is called the blue tips. This was used since the beginning of free Thailand lottery since 2015. Let us begin by identifying a pattern to the winning streak in 2019. on March 1st Thai lottery results had 137-999-830-837 . 3,9,8 dominated. Therefore we must avoid using them.
so the focus is on 5,7,6 along with 4 and 2. Look at the first game paper for 16/03/2019.

3up Thai lottery 16 March 2019 sets

3up Thai lottery 16 March 2019 sets

Thai lottery 16 March 2019 right vs wrong choice

Playing any lottery is all about choosing the numbers. The right choice is to not take ones that repeatedly win.
the first set will begin with 4,3,5 for sure. Reason is the 1-9-0-8 have already appeared in the results this year since January 2019. See what were the results last year and the year before at the best public repository of results.

2 down 16-03-2019 golden digits

2 down 16-03-2019 golden digits

Find out what were the high and low numbers in 2015 The winning sets always give clues when you carefully observe. Entire 2018 had 8 and 2 dominate the 2 down or tail number winnings.

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