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Thai lottery 16-11-2019 voluminous tips 3up 4pc

Thai lottery 16-11-2019 extensive tips researched

Thai lottery 16-11-2019 may love the numbers guessed in the latest updated hot Tass game paper. To guess the right type of winning numbers what people call “sure number” tip is rare. Thai lotto has different ways to manifest magic tips and other effective predicted digits. The hopefuls read all types of clues or tips only to be totally confused by the tip. Thai lotto hot tips should not be taken at face value and must be seen as a collective conscious statement that may have a pattern in the tens of thousands of Thai lottery tip sites, they need to be read and then make a informed choice of number to acquire for Thai lottery results 16-11-2019.

crown numbers for Thai lottery 16-11-2019

crown numbers for Thai lottery 16-11-2019

As you can see 3 and 5 featured in the winning numbers and so may not be strong choices for the next draw.
Here you can get a few lists starting tomorrow.
Better options for Thai lottery 16-11-2019 are available for punters who like to dig into the past 10 years of data which is presented here visually including information and facts about this particular date 16/11/2019 or November 16th, 2019. The reasons for the exclusive VIP tip are clearly explained below the picture.

Thai lottery latest 2 digit up numbers 16-11-2019

Hotter than plasma Thai lotto 16-11-2019 new game guess paper tip
46 – 90
21 – 30
77 – 79
52 – 56
67 – 62
20 – 26

VIP tips 16-11-2019 Thai lottery today

These numbers may push into Thai lottery results 16-11-2019 like Amisas says.
26 is highly likely according to the new Tass formula for tail number winning.
The tail sure number for 16 November 2013 was 28.
Formula tass : 28-2 = 26*
28+2 = 31*
28/2 = 14*
28*2 = 56*
This above tass formula may realize on the 16th of November 2019.

the next draw of Thai lottery 16 November 2019 is the second in this month. Although plenty of tips and game papers were produced and given free, the final sheet always retains the significance of being the most prominent. The age of even numbers alternating with odd numbers is prevalent. 2 6 8 were the stars, the next turn should be 5 9 3 and 7. The chart of winning numbers index is published twice a month, every 1st and 16 with the exception of December. There was an intense guessing session with magic tips and other techniques to arrive at Tass formula for Thai lotto 16.11.2019.

Thai lottery 16.11.2019 tail tip formula

The tail numbers may be 7, 9 or 3 with an even number like 8, 6, 4. There could also be the 11 multiples continuing but that may not happen as it would establish a logical way to deduce the winning numbers.

16-11-2019 fish luck tip for 3 digit category

Fish luck for 16-11-2019 is the best and closest 3up HTF numbers for the next popular draw of Thai lotto. The game paper includes new digits acclimatized to the 16th November 2019 Thai lotto.

16 November 2019 Thai lottery best numbers

16 November 2019 Thai lottery best numbers

Latest Thai lotto formula Tass.
891 677 880 255
560 992 901 413
678 127 332 019

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