Thai lottery 1 Feb 2016 all in one 01 02 2016

Thai lottery 1 Feb 2016 all in one tips

While making a delicious mix of Thai lottery 1 Feb 2016 digits, all sorts of calculations were added. Thai lottery 01-02-2016 is different and will certainly not follow the beaten path. There is past data and here is what we should be looking at. Thai lottery 01-02-2016 tips come from an experience of three years observing the numbers that were winning or losing yet 100% sure Thai lottery tip paper is only given by a novice that’s not in here.
First thing you need to learn is this is fun and not a game of wits or being sure.

Thai lottery 1 2 2016 all in one
Thai lottery 1 2 2016 all in one

Out of the box Thai lottery 1 2 2016 new HTF

I won’t recommend something I think doesn’t stand a chance but this one does. The most likely number in the downs after a previous one does have a pattern if closely observed it is not a very defined one but it does exist. usually when a number ending in 0 wins the chances are that the next one is either in 30s or 70s. this could be one way to look at Thai lotto new Tass Feb 1 2016 and should apply to Feb 16, 2016 as well.

Could you understand this Thai lottery 1 2 2016 formula?

Even if it looks somewhat complicated. These are the numbers that were brought out of the thoughts that were used to get them. Some formula using 16 as a base additive to variables got a list of HTF numbers in 3 digits and 2 digits.

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