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Thai lottery 1-12-2020 tips December stars

Thai lottery 1-12-2020 tips for the mega month of December. The year has been bad on many fronts. We hope there is a wave of luck and goodness everywhere this December 2020. Some top numbers that I think are good to play are as follows.

Thai lottery 1-12-2020 tips important numbers
Thai lottery 1-12-2020 tips important numbers

The fortunate numbers for December should 2,5,7,6. These will rule over the other digits.

Most ardent VIP tip followers love this hot Thai lotto pairs going up in importance and in the classification of down number. Thai lottery 1.12.2020 exclusive updated tips are game papers of simply the latest thai lottery papers as updated live now, prominence of 7 and 1 is undeniable. It is worth noticing the 8 and 2 as well as these could be the next best guessed Thai lottery pairs for the 01-12-2020 draw.
Latest clubbing Thai lotto forum topics 16-12-2020. Make sure you read all the results for this year. Trends for 2563 play a big role in guessing the winning digits.


The fact worth noticing is that the most common number in all these years on 1-12 is 7. The next best digit is 4. With all the facts in mind here is the guess paper that could hit the bulls eye in Thai lottery results 1st 12/2020
749 668 248 091
667 778 624 332

What other ways to expect winning numbers on 1st December 2563 Thai lotto?

It’s pointless to see only one side of a coin. Everything in nature has its opposite even 1st December Thai lottery super special tips. Keeping this fact in mind we shall look at opposites for the chart above and try to get some new outlooks. These are only what we call an opinion, so they could be the least important as this is a inverse formula used.

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