Lotteries in Cambodia – private and government

Lotteries in Cambodia

Cambodia has 5 lotteries that operate in the country. Here is a brief about them. A good fact about their web presense is that they all have good English websites. THE PRIZES ON OFFER are small and they don’t seem to operate in the same scale as in neighboring Thailand. Very few people would want to win a lottery prize of $250. Besides, Cambodian average household can barely afford anything beyond the basic necessities.


In 2013 Cambodia had a new entrant into the world of lotteries called camloto. The company has online portal for this lottery. Jackpot runs at 15 million KHR which is about $3600 this is for the 5D game, There is also another game called lucky 36 with a snowballed Jackpot prize. in total there are 8 categories of prizes. They add a bonus too. visit camloto(website)

Cambodia lottery

This is a state run lottery with a daily game and daily draw.They offer 5 prizes in total, two of them are called starter prize and consolation prize. Check Cambodia lottery results here

CM6 lottery

They have games with daily draw. Its a 6 digit match as the name suggests and a 2nd prize if 2 digits in the end match. The games are called Samnang mean draw and Chot men. CM^ uses drawing machines and the draw happens everyday at 4:00pm. Check the latest CM6 lottery results.

Khmer lottery

This is a recently launched game which is online. The owners of Cootel are said to launching this game.