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How to pick Thai lottery 1 April 2021 digits?

Thai lottery 1 April 2021 will be held in very hot weather. The numbers to pick should therefore be cold as well as hot. I’m not kidding when I mentioned cold and hot numbers. Heat is associated with aggression and therefore 9 is a hot one. Cold numbers are 5 and six. So what should you choose. Here’s the logic take a cold one to ease the summer but a warm number should be in the mix. 5 and 7 are relatively cold. Last draw saw 8 heavily dominate all other digits. 3 played a role. Nine is my favorite with 5 or 6 . My reasons for this is 19 was the 2 digit winner, therefore it will be featured in the jackpot for sure. Since I’m not god and I can’t be certain. It’s highly likely that these digits 9 and 5 will play a major role. I’ll post a few tips to help you deal with them. What other ways shall we tackle this money making question? What are the best numbers for 01.04.2021?

Thai lottery 1 April 2021 best numbers
Thai lottery 1 April 2021 Best numbers

What I believe is pro 2 digits picks?

It may have 3 and 6 and range from 3 to 6. Let me say that 1 will not be a profitable proposition because it already did earlier and so will 9. That eliminates 2 digits. The remaining will happen in a range. My Analysis gives me these pairs to play with.

play this combo

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