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First clues to Thai lottery result 17-January 2021

I wish you all a better 2021. Let me begin by giving a number that kept popping up 94. This year adds up to 5 that is 2+0+2+1. SO my first tip for Thai lottery result 17-January 2021 is to focus on a total of 5 no matter what digits you pick. VIP digit is 8 as 17 adds up to 8.

Thai lottery result 17-January 2021 tips to help you visualize the numbers.

Like a shooting star brings light for a few seconds, let your mind see the pattern, make a note and play those numbers. Watch this magical star with the single digits before you try to visualize. Another formula you can use is add your birth date and replace the year with 2021 and add all digits up. the number you get is the biggest clue. See all the results here. If you want to understand the winning trends in 2020 look them up in previous clues.

Angels give divine numbers for Thai lottery result 17-January 2021

Don’t expect different results doing the same old things. This applies to winning strategies in Thailand lottery. the new year calls for new numbers. 2021 Thai lotto brings in a fresh energy. The angelic advise is 21.

Updated: January 9, 2021 — 5:05 pm
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